Major Thomas Dale Hutchinson, USAAF


Mission Map

Bombing Nazi Jet Airfields at Vechta, Germany
March 24, 1945

8th Air Force,
384th Bomber Group,
547th Squadron

A page from the Thomas Dale Hutchinson (deceased) collection describing his W.W.II experiences as a B-17 Pilot, and Deputy Commander of the 384th Bomber Group, 8th U.S. Army Air Force





Large section of mission map.


England section enlarged.
(Same scale as
Germany below)


Germany section enlarged
(Same scale as
England above)


Enlargement of target area.
If you look closely in the lower left,
(immediately right of the altitude)
you can still the holes left by
the compass point.








The material on these pages, and considerably more, came into my possession after Thomas Dale Hutchinson's death. I hope to add to this website until I have all 25 of his missions, the crew photos, pilot's logs, and bombing photos displayed.

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