Major Thomas Dale Hutchinson, USAAF


A B-17 Mission

Bombing Nazi Jet Airfields at Vechta, Germany
March 24, 1945

8th Air Force,
384th Bomber Group,
547th Squadron

A page from the Thomas Dale Hutchinson (deceased) collection describing his W.W.II experiences as a B-17 Pilot, and Deputy Commander of the 384th Bomber Group, 8th U.S. Army Air Force







On that day in Eight Air Force History

In conjunction with allied ground forces assault across the lower Rhine River the Eighth flies bombing, supply, and armed reconnaissance missions. During morning 1,033 heavy bombers strike 14 airfields in W Germany. 85 fighter sorties are flown in support. At midday 235 B-24's drop supplies to allied forces in assault area E of the Rhine. During the afternoon 443 heavy bombers, supported by 113 effective fighter sorties, bomb 5 airfields, a marshaling yard, and a railroad in NW Germany. The fighters claim 27 kills in aerial combat. All during the day, fighters fly 1,065 effective sorties in armed reconnaissance patrols attacking numerous ground targets and claiming 30 fighters downed. (From U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II, Combat Chronology 1941 - 1945, Compiled by Kit C. Carter and Robert Mueller, Center for Air Force History, Washington, DC, 1991)

Major Thomas Dale Hutchinson's Pilot's Log for 3/24/45

Aircraft: B-17 G

Major Hutchinson's role: Air Commander -Wing Lead

Pilot: Lt. Boyette

Target: Vechta, Germany

Bombs: 16 X 500 S.A.P

Altitude: 25,000'

Comments: Bombed jet airfield at Vechta, Germany. Visual bombing, - Excellent results. Flak - Nil - No battle damage to plane or crew. Troops landed east of Rhine.








The material on these pages, and considerably more, came into my possession after Thomas Dale Hutchinson's death. I hope to add to this website until I have all 26 of his missions, the crew photos, pilot's logs, and bombing photos displayed.

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