Major Thomas Dale Hutchinson, USAAF


Aerial Dead Reckoning Computer

8th Air Force,
384th Bomber Group,
547th Squadron

A page from the Thomas Dale Hutchinson (deceased) collection describing his W.W.II experiences as a B-17 Pilot, and Deputy Commander of the 384th Bomber Group, 8th U.S. Army Air Force







Aerial Dead Reckoning Computer.

On the left side of the disk is written in pencil, Lt. Col. Thacker. This leads me to surmise that Lt. Col. Thacker, may have loaned Maj. Hutchinson this computer. There are other possible explanations, but based on "Screaming Eagle: Memoirs of a B-17 Group Commander" by Major General Dale O. Smith, I believe Lt. Col. Thacker was second in command of the 384th when Major Hutchinson came on board. Hutchinson may have gotten the computer as a "hand me down," or on loan. The spelling on the computer appears to be "Thacrer," corrected to "Thacker," not an error Thacker himself would likely have made! In any event, it probably was used by both men, at one time or another.



Lt. Col. Bob Thacker (on right) at Grafton Underwood, England (384th Bomb Group base), seated next to Col. Dale O. Smith, Commanding Officer of the 384th Bomb Group. Photo probably taken in last quarter of 1944.









The material on these pages, and considerably more, came into my possession after Thomas Dale Hutchinson's death. I hope to add to this website until I have all 26 of his missions, the crew photos, pilot's logs, and bombing photos displayed.

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