Major Thomas Dale Hutchinson, USAAF


Maps & Compass for the Downed Aviator

8th Air Force,
384th Bomber Group,
547th Squadron

A page from the Thomas Dale Hutchinson (deceased) collection describing his W.W.II experiences as a B-17 Pilot, and Deputy Commander of the 384th Bomber Group, 8th U.S. Army Air Force







"Maps Only" pouch from Major Hutchinson's B-17 memorabilia.
I assume this to be part an emergency kit.
The lettering on the pouch says "C/D E/F Maps Only."


The pouch contains four maps, back to back on two cloth sheets, one about 32 X 32, the other about 28 X 28. The map scale is 1:100,000. I have never fully unfolded the maps, but they obviously cover where a downed aviator might find himself.

The tiny compass snaps to north like the needle was on a rubber band!

I don't know what is wrapped inside the chewing gum shaped "stick."  My guess is that it is a wire used as a cutting tool.

I don't know if its relevant, but the maps feel like they are damp. Were they "preserved" in something?


This compass looks like a toy, but I was astounded when I put it in my palm. It snapped to north like I had a magnet up my sleeve!








The material on these pages, and considerably more, came into my possession after Thomas Dale Hutchinson's death. I hope to add to this website until I have all 25 of his missions, the crew photos, pilot's logs, and bombing photos displayed.

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